Service: Rider Mowers

Moreland Stations Does Service for Riders
Below is a series of images from a Craftman Riding lawn mower service
We repair and service lawn mowers. Riding mowers, push mower, zero turns. Service and check over your machine getting it ready for grass cutting season. Clean Carb (if needed), adjust valves (if needed). check belts, spindles, tires, steering, deck adjustment. Standard maintenance to
engine/Transmission/Deck replacement and repair
Most makes and models. We pickup riding mowers locally $25 each way. Mower parts available. Belts, blades, filters, tires, pulleys. Get your parts here or we can make the repairs. 20 years exp.
We repair, buy and sell riding mowers.

With the mower on the lift and raised up we remove the deck.

We remove the covers to clean the deck

With the deck clean we check the idlers, spindles and belt for wear and defects.

With the covers off we grease the spindles if they have fittings.

With the grease gun out we also grease the steering spindle and wheel bearings

Turning the deck over we check for stuck on grass and remove the blades for sharping or replacement. The owner cut their grass when it is dry keeping the deck clear of wet grass.

We sharp the blades and reinstall. These blades only need sharping. We keep blades in stock

Deck finished with the cover installed.

We start the oil drain.

We remove the side covers for access to the engine.

Gather the oil, filters and spark plugs.

We remove the center section of the lift for access to the drive.

Checking the belt and transmission drive pulley.

Next we check the belt and the idler pulleys.

Last in the drive is the engine pulley and again the belt. By checking each area of the belt we can see cracks and chips in the belt

We slide the drain board under the filter to minimize the mess. Draining into a pan. We'll also change the fuel filter over the board

When it stops draining we remove the board and clean the filter surface.

Before installing the oil filter we clean the area around the filter.

Next we replace the spark plugs

Now reinstall the side covers

We reinstall the deck and check the belt routing.

With the machine lowered we have access to the engine. We fill the engine oil to specs.

Air filter replaced

The last few things we do are checking tire pressure, deck level a,d the charging system. Service complete